Chicken curry wrap
Serves 6
15 mins

6 Wraps
1 Dessert Spoon of Curry Paste
6 Tablespoons of Mayonnaise
1/2 Barbecue Chicken
1/2 Green Apple - Granny Smith
2 Tablespoons of Chopped Fresh Coriander
Cherry Tomato

Cooking Instructions
We’ll start by preparing the ingredients, cutting the lettuce into julienne, i.e. thin strips, the cherry tomatoes into quarters and dicing the apple.
Then prepare the sauce for the wraps by pouring the mayonnaise into a bowl and adding the curry paste. Mix well and until we get a sauce with a uniform colour.
Bone and shred the barbecue chicken and cover it in the curry mayonnaise.
Finally, add the chopped coriander and mix again.
To fill he wraps, put a layer of the chicken paste in the middle of the wrap, being careful not to put any on the bottom, as we are going to fold it to close the wrap.
Put the diced apple on top of the chicken paste, followed by the lettuce and tomato.
To close it, fold the bottom of the wrap over part of the filling and then fold over the sides.

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