Quality, Environment, OHS, Food Safety and Social Responsibility

As part of the domestic business community, the Lusiaves Group understands its mission to be activities involving primary production of compound feed, production of eggs for hatching, poultry production and poultry slaughtering, and the processing, storage and marketing of food products.

It is committed to continuously improving its management, organizational and productive processes:

In focusing on the customer, meeting their needs and desires, anticipating trends and providing quality services and safe products;

In the effectiveness of its Integrated Management System in its areas of activity and implementation processes;

In monitoring its processes, complying with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to its products and services;

In cost controlled production, optimizing its processes and making them more efficient;
In the establishment and strengthening of relationships of partnership and trust with its stakeholders, on the basis of transparency and ethical values;

In motivating and encouraging employees, rewarding the best and stimulating innovation, strengthening labour ties;

In the pursuit of sustainable and socially responsible development, enhancing and preserving natural resources and integrating economic, social and environmental issues into its activities, strategies and conduct;

In environmental performance, finding solutions to minimize and eliminate the environmental impact of its activities;

In reducing waste production, promoting its elimination, seeking recovery solutions that contribute to the value chain of activities of the group;

In implementing a policy of responsible citizenship, with ethical and transparent values that promote integration, respect human rights and take into account human and cultural diversity, prohibiting child labour and discrimination on the basis of race, creed or religion, and contributing to the reduction of social inequalities;

In Risk Assessment and Management, in order to reconcile productive activity with Food Safety and personal safety, with Health and Safety at Work and Environmental Protection;

In training and raising awareness among employees, ensuring that they remain not only professionally prepared, but also aware of their responsibilities in the various areas of its business;

In creating value for stakeholders and shareholders;

In boosting employment and wealth creation for the country.

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