Food Quality and Safety

Food quality and safety have always been always one of the strategic pillars of the company. Lusiaves was one of the first companies in the poultry industry in Europe to be certified under the new NP EN ISO 22000 standard, issued by SGS ICS, Food Safety Management System (HACCP).

Recognition of the work and commitment of Lusiaves teams in implementing their technical and behavioural skills and the continuous improvement of production processes, mandated innovation and implementation of the best and most sophisticated technologies, but also the best regulatory requirements. Of these, traceability and animal welfare are of particular importance, and have already been recognized by authorities and certification bodies, being the result of ongoing implementation of the food safety policy, resulting in increased confidence for all stakeholders.

Lusiaves currently has a certified integrated food safety and quality system, based on NP EN ISO 9001 and NP EN ISO 22000, standards consisting of systematic control of the value chain. At Lusiaves, we are committed to winning over and doing more to deserve the trust of our customers.

Certification includes the following activities: Reproduction and Egg Production, Egg Hatching, Poultry Production, Poultry Slaughter, Processing, Marketing and Distribution of Food Products. Food Safety is a concern and commitment of the company, as inadequate food controls may cause negative impacts. This certification represents Lusiaves’ responsibility and commitment to its employees, suppliers, customers and consumers.

Our recognized success is supported by the innovation and creativity of our processes and services, based on a culture of continuous improvement in terms of quality and food safety.

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