Environmental Responsibility

The LUSIAVES, which operates in the domestic and international market, believes that sustainable development forms an integral part of its business activities. Improving environmental quality is a reality that goes through a transformation of attitude in light of a recognition of its obligations to society and, as such, should not be seen only as a statutory requirement.

Aware of the environmental implications of its business operations, it aims to contribute to sustainable development through a responsible and coherent environmental strategy, ensuring continuous improvements in its performance. One example is the development of its business using, where possible, renewable energy, reducing fossil fuel consumption.

Taking this assumption as its starting point, the environmental performance of the Group has progressed over the years, the following objectives, among others, being of particular importance:

- Reduced water consumption per ton of product produced;
- Increased use of renewable energy;
- Reduced consumption of fossil fuels;
- Progressive improvement in waste management and reduction in the production of USW.

The targets achieved stem from the work that the Group has developed over recent years in relation to environmental protection, having pioneered the field of integrated prevention and control of pollution. The first animal feed mill and poultry facility to obtain this certificate nationally belongs to the Lusiaves Group, which shows the pro-activity that characterizes us.
The Lusiaves Group’s Environmental Policy encompasses all levels of the business, being based on the principles of continuous improvement and pollution prevention, presenting the following points as goals to be met:

1 - Ensuring implementation of good environmental management practices, to ensure:
I - An assessment of the environmental impact of its business;
II - The establishment and periodic review of the objectives and targets of its different plants;
III - Continuous improvement of its environmental performance, taking into account the principles of pollution prevention and Best Available Techniques, minimizing emissions and energy consumption;
IV - Continuous improvement in the use of raw materials and natural resources;
V - The minimization of the risks of its business activities and proper waste management, having as its main objective recovery solutions.

2 - Compliance with all applicable legal requirements;

3 - Promotion of training and awareness among its employees in relation to the environment, encouraging their participation in the process of continuous improvement;

4 - Dissemination to all levels of the company, the public and other stakeholders, of its commitments, environmental performance and aspects, while maintaining an active and open approach with regard to dialogue with them.

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