Lusiaves’ path to success has been built over the years due to the hard work, vision and strategy that we have always made a point of sharing with out closest collaborators. The company has grown in a safe and sustainable way based on heavy, successive investments and acquisitions, which have enabled us to diversify and strengthen operations and verticalize the business.

The date when Lusiaves was founded, 14 April 1986, is now a long time ago. We started with a small centre for slaughtering chickens in Marinha das Ondas and four production facilities with a capacity for 43,500 broilers. With a carefully designed expansion plan, a strong focus on innovation and important decisions made, we arrived in 2012 with much work done, but with much still to do.

Lusiaves’ activity is varied, from rearing reproductive hens through the production of eggs with the respective hatching and production of chicks, to the poultry production of broilers, free-range chicken and turkey, as well as poultry slaughtering and processing. Lusiaves also has a network for distributing and marketing food products. It has a factory for producing compound feed and has a plant for recovering and processing animal by-products.

This vertical integration strategy of the business is to continue as far as possible, while introducing competitive factors.

As a businessman, I am in favour of a vertical strategy as a path for the company to produce internally everything it can, or that which it knows it can do better than others. The vertical integration of Lusiaves is a necessary and irreversible path. This process affords a competitive advantage in allowing independence from third parties, better results and greater autonomy.

I understand the vertical integration of the business as a process of operational self-sustenance that we use to fulfill our needs internally, which comes from our desire to be in control of the value chain, process technologies, products and the business.

After 25 years in business, we have 1,500 workers and we have created over two thousand indirect jobs in hundreds of integrated producers across the country. We already are a large family. The efficiency with which we have conducted this vertical integration process may explain the path of growth that we have trodden, true to the motto “always growing”, creating value and wealth for the country.

Today, we live in an increasingly competitive world where, in order to win, you have to innovate, diversify and create new products to offer to consumers.

Our commitment is to continue investing in developing and launching innovative products in order to strengthen our market leadership through consumer preference for, and trust in, the brand.

Over the years, we have always been especially concerned with product quality and food safety, as well as demonstrating ethical values and social responsibility.

The path traversed so far has not diminished my ambition, it has reinforced my desire to continue to grow, to develop new projects and tackle new challenges. To do this, I hope I can continue to rely on the dedication and commitment of all those who have accompanied me.

Avelino Gaspar
Chairman of the Board of Directors

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