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Poultry farms

Lusiaves production centres were built and equipped with the latest technologies in poultry production, respecting the highest animal welfare and environmental standards.

These centres offer Lusiaves full and effective control of the production process, ensuring the traceability of its products from the outset, resulting in improved food quality and safety.
Quinta da Cruz
Quinta da São Tomé
Quinta da São Franscisco
Quinta dos Olivais
Quinta de Guerres
Quinta de Formosa
São Pelágio Poultry Farm
Casal de Seiça
Marinha de Baixo
Marinha do Minhoto
Marinha de Vale Cavalos
Quinta da Charneca
Quinta de Matinhos
Quinta do Banco 1
Quinta do Banco 2
Quinta de Antelas
Quinta da Asseiceira


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